CamSoda Review

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CamSoda Review

In the real world, men are more horny than women. In fact, majority of men will seek out ladies from bookstores to strip clubs.

Thankfully, the Internet was made, and men can now just pay for shows of ladies they’ll never touch but won’t stop thinking about.

One of these well-regarded online show services is CamSoda. In here, men can pay ladies to access their self-made horny videos.

According to many online reviews by former users, CamSoda features thousands of beautiful models ranging from teens to MILFS and even BBWs.

Most people went for CamSoda because Dani Daniels, a top-quality pornstar, is doing streaming services. And you can jump right in on it because you just need to pay either a monthly fee or an amount for a number of tokens.

Is it still worth using CamSoda despite the presence of Dani Daniels? Let’s find out!

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Pricing and Hidden Fees

CamSoda allows you to create a free profile. However, you can only use it to snoop around and look at models’ profiles. If you want to watch something, you’ll need tokens. Think of it as a free pass to go around an amusement park but need tokens to access the rides.

While CamSoda advertises it as a service “free” of charge, they’re actually honest because it is the models who will charge you for their shows.

Speaking of which, here are the ways you can buy tokens on CamSoda.


CamSoda charges you $19.95 every month and you get about 200 tokens free from this subscription. It might not seem much especially if the girls charge around 300 tokens per show.

However, if you look at 70% of the shows in CamSoda, you actually have access to dozens of models offering 50-100 tokens per show. So this rate is not bad at all.

Credits Per Price Tier

Alternatively, you can choose not to use the subscription service and instead do it the amusement park way: pay for a bunch of tokens for a fixed set of prices. These price tiers do not change, but the amount of tokens you get varies with the price.



Best Features

Plenty of Media To Choose From

CamSoda is still king when it comes to content. There are over 7,440 galleries of photos and over the same number of videos produced by models on the site. If you’re down to your last 50 tokens, you can still get a decent show!

Thousands of Models

There are thousands of models in CamSoda. If you’re not into girls, there are also guys, gays, and transexuals. Additionally, huge varieties of models from teens and MILFS to grannies and BBWs are on the site.

Great HD Quality

Majority of the shows we found utilize excellent high-definition cameras. There are a few we found to have lacked this requirement, but that was a rare instance.

Budget-Friendly Site

Want a monthly subscription giving you 200 tokens? You got it. You want to save more money and just buy when you log in? You also got it.

The model’s show too expensive? Look for 8,000 plus other models for affordable shows. Even 50 tokens gets you a fairly decent show!

Number of Registered Hosts

CamSoda doesn’t show the total number of members it has. However, when you go online, about 1,000-2,000 models are online at the same time!


CamSoda is still the powerhouse streaming service it is known for. With top-quality models and a huge content repository for everything erotic, you’ll get your streaming fix in a jiffy.


  • Fair pricing
  • Excellent models
  • HD quality videos
  • Value for money


  • No private or exclusive shows.